Breast Reconstruction after Cancer / Mastectomy


Natural Tissue Breast Reconstruction

Natural tissue breast reconstruction uses the body’s own natural tissue to reconstruct the breast without the need for implants. Natural tissue breast reconstruction provides a reconstructed breast that feels, looks and behaves like a natural breast. Replacing the skin and soft tissue removed at mastectomy with soft, warm, living tissue is accomplished by borrowing skin and fatty tissue with the blood supply.

Am I Suitable for Breast Reconstruction?
  • Natural Tissue Construction

    DIEP Flaps are recognised as the best long term breast reconstruction solution for patients that are recovering from Breast Removal after Cancer Treatment.

  • Leading UK Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

    Based at Christies & Spire, Manchester, Mr Kosutic is the leading UK surgeon in DIEP Flap proceedures.

  • Feel Normal Again

    Using our Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction techniques that use your own tissue; we can help make you feel whole again after a Mastectomy.

Damir Kosutic explains Breast Reconstruction & Lymphedema Transplants with Patients who discuss their experiences of this groundbreaking surgery.

Natural Breast Reconstruction Using Your Own Tissue

DIEP Flaps are micro surgical procedure using tissue delicately lifted from the abdominal donor site and moved to the chest wall with a blood supply reconnected to reconstruct the breast with the patients own tissue. Additional benefits apart from a natural breast is a free tummy tuck.

Leading Plastic Surgeon

For many years, Mr Kosutic had dedicated his practice to highly sophisticated forms of microsurgical breast reconstruction called perforator flaps. Perforator flaps are the state of the art in breast reconstruction. These procedures have been made safer and more reliable using advanced imaging – CT and MRI scans. Mr Kosutic has published key papers that described these techniques in planning of perforator flap breast reconstruction with the DIEP flap.

Care from Start to Finish

A Mastectomy is a harrowing thing to deal with. Our mission is to provide outstanding level of care and compassion for our patients requiring breast reconstruction. Cited over and over again by our patients, the journey you follow will be alongside a team of caring professionals led by Mr Kosutic.

"Only The Christie could offer me the surgery I most wanted for my breast cancer, a mastectomy and a natural tissue reconstruction"

Bernadette Featherstone

"Mr.Kosutic gave every attention to the examination and the operative procedure. His manner and care to the patient was first class."

Mrs K E Jones

"Mr Kosutic performed a large reconstructive skin flap on my face after I had a growth removed. From the very first appointment I felt that the care I received was excellent. He explained the procedure to me clearly and told me what to expect. The surgery was a success and all through my stay in hospital the care I received was exceptional. My family were kept informed at all times and were allowed to visit at any time. My follow up appointments with Mr Kosutic have been informative and he obviously genuinely cares about the surgery and final outcome of it. I am nearly 80 but it was still important to him to get the best possible results."


"Mr Kosutic has been treating me as well! He has been amazing - kind and caring. My reconstructed breast looks fantastic! I do not feel like Frankenstein anymore. I can highly recommend him to every woman battling breast cancer/lymphoedema"

Annie H

"I was diagnosed with a basal cell carcinoma on the side of my nose, and on the 26th Feb 2018 I had 3 rounds of Mohs surgery to remove the cancer. I was left with a 2 x 1cm hole on my nose and the unenviable task of trying to cover up this rather large wound fell to Mr Kosutic. I could not have imagined that I would be lucky enough to be treated by such a fabulously skilful, caring and considerate surgeon. Mr Kosutic cares so much and he understands how a facial wound can affect a patient, he takes time to consider the best way to reconstruct, explaining all eventualities, both good and bad, no false hopes, a skin graft would have been the last resort (but the skill of Mr Kosutic meant that he was able to create a flap to cover the wound). Once on the operating table he and his team make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible, beautiful music playing whilst talking you through every step of the way. 5 months on and the scar is looking good, Mr Kosutic will continue to see me to make sure that the best outcome possible can be achieved. I will always be grateful to Mr Kosutic and would not hesitate to recommend him, he is the BEST"

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