Natural Breast Reconstruction using a Flap of Skin from your Tummy. No Implants or Foriegn Bodies

Am I Suitable for Breast Reconstruction?
  • Natural Tissue Construction

    Complete with their own blood supply DIEP Flaps are recognised as the best reconstructive solution.

  • Leading UK Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

    Based at Christies, Manchester, Mr Kosutic is the leading UK surgeon in DIEP Flap proceedures.

  • Feel Normal Again

    Using our Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction techniques that use your own tissue; we can help make you feel whole again.

Tissue transplanted from the Abdomen to rebuild the Breast

DIEP Flaps are micro surgical procedure using tissue delicately lifted from the abdominal donor site and moved to the chest wall with a blood supply reconnected to reconstruct the breast with the patients own tissue. Additional benefits apart from natural breast is a free tummy tuck.

Damir Kosutic explains Breast Reconstruction & Lymphedema Transplants with Patients who discuss their experiences of this groundbreaking surgery.

DIEP Flap & Lymphoedema

DIEP FLAP (Deep inferior epigastric artery perforator flap) is the mainstay procedure today to reconstruct the breast with patients’ own tissue. This complex technique, developed by Dr Robert Allen (New York, USA) has recently been upgraded with adding vascularised lymphatic tissue to prevent lymphoedema in patients undergoing mastectomy and DIEP flap breast reconstruction. The same technique can be used for patients in need of breast reconstruction with already established lymphedema which also treats the lymphoedema caused by breast removal when treating cancer.

Mr Kosutic is the only plastic surgeon in UK currently offering this technique of ‘total natural breast reconstruction’, as he has been trained by both Dr Jaume Masià from Barcelona and Dr Robert Allen in New York. Mr Kosutic has completed Fellowship in breast reconstruction, perforator flaps and microsurgery and is the UK’s leading consultant in this field.

Patients in the UK requiring mastectomy can now benefit from both natural tissue breast reconstruction and prevention of lymphedema in the same procedure. Patients who previously had mastectomy, can now get their surgical lymphedema treatment at the same time with natural tissue breast reconstruction.

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